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Hello guys!!! I know who ever is visiting this blog here, has come here, after searching for some Bhaji varieties all over the internet. I was one such person myself. One fine rainy afternoon, I was happily seated in my couch, watching a cricket match, happening in some other sunny side of the world.

Suddenly I had the urge to eat some Bhajis. Both my mother and grandmother were out, they were the Bhaji experts and since they were out, I had to find some other source for my Bhajis. As said before, it was raining outside and so I could not go out to get some. With no way of getting some Bhajis made me yearn for it even more. Human nature I guess.

I had no idea how to make Bhajis myself. I went into the kitchen and found some veggies, oil, flour and so on. But I did not have a clue where to start and what to do. So I went through some cooking books at home, some websites online and some youtube videos.

I did learn a lot, but it took me a while, searching. All the searching made me loose my urge to eat anymore.
After having gone through such a terrible ordeal myself (Yeah the moment where one can't make and eat what one wants can be a very terrible ordeal, especially, all the searching made one miss the cricket match) I did not want anyone else to go through something similar.

Therefore I collected Bhaji recipes from different cook books, different sites and put them all together under one blog. So take your time, read all the pages on the top and the few posts at the home page and start making some Bhajis, whenever you want.

I am a vegetarian myself, but I did collect information on some non vegetarian Bhaji varieties as well. So check them out. Also add some more recipes and info you know about in the comment section so that others can read it and make them. Post me links if you find any recipes that is not in this blog and you feel is good enough to be added here.

And one important matter. Since all the contents of this blog are information collected from different books and sites, I don't have any rights on any of them. I just brought all the recipes together under one blog. So read them all, make them and enjoy them. Good Luck

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